Monday, February 22, 2016

Teachers Love Field Trips Too!

Each month during the school year, our 1:1 iPad teachers participate in a Professional Learning Community (PLC) session. The format is switched up from time to time to keep things interesting. Sometimes teachers work together in grade levels bands, guest speakers come in to present on a specific topic, or utilized the EdCamp Style of professional development with the teachers determining the sessions for the day.

For our February PLC, we decided to go on a field trip to our local Apple Store. Employees at the Apple Store shared tips and trick on creating and editing movies using the iMovie app on the iPads. Teachers were tasked with first going out and taking some short video clips and photos to use for their movies.

To best meet everyone's specific needs, teachers were divide into beginning, intermediate, and advanced groups.

Everyone left excited and ready to create movies!

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