Thursday, February 25, 2016

Flipping in Kindergarten

A couple of 1:1 iPad kindergarten classes are flipping the learning in their classrooms. The teachers are using an in-class flip model where the iPads do not go home but instruction is done via teacher created videos viewed in the classroom under the teacher's supervision.

I recently had the opportunity to watch one of these lessons in action! These students got right to work downloading their lesson using the Showbie app, opening the lesson in Explain Everything, and viewing and interacting with the Explain Everything project created by their teacher.

I was really impressed by the supports and scaffolds the teacher has put into place to assist the students throughout the lesson.

The teacher created colorful and explicit posters for both Showbie and Explain Everything to help the students with using these two apps.


The teacher also modeled the process for the students and provided a chart with information on what to do after watching their video on number bonds.


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