Monday, September 14, 2015

Tickled Over Tiggly

We recently added a new early learning preschool program in the district, so I have been on the lookout for some new early learning apps. Not just for preschool but also for our Kindergarten and First Grade iPad classrooms too.

Last Spring I heard about Tiggly apps ( Tiggly is a series of apps developed for kiddos aged 2 up to about 8: Tiggly Shapes, Tiggly Math, and Tiggly Words. Each series contains 3 different apps.

Along with the apps, they have physical manipulatives that interact with the iPad's screen (available
for Android and Kindle Fire also). The manipulatives are large enough for little hands to easily manage. These manipulatives have little silicone touch points so they won't damage the screen. Manipulatives don't require WiFi, Bluetooth, or batteries to use. The apps can also be used without the manipulatives - just your finger!

Users can also set other languages for kids to learn as they play: English, Spanish, French, German, and more. For example in Tiggly Safari if I turn on Bilingual and set English and Spanish, the names of each shape and any characters are spoken in both languages.

At the ISTE conference in June, I visited their booth and saw a hands-on demonstration of Tiggly in action. It was pretty impressive to watch the presenter move and manipulate the interactives on the screen.

But I wanted to do my own testing! So I purchased a set of the Tiggly Shapes and waited for my 21-month-old grandson to visit!

It was well worth the investment. While he was not quite the recommended age for these (2-5), they were a hit. He loved them - especially Tiggly Stamp. If he saw my iPad or the Shapes, he would run to them saying Tiggly, Tiggly! 

And he often found other inventive ways to use the Tiggly Shapes! Tiggly Toes!
These are a couple of his creations from Tiggly Stamp.

Here are the apps for each series:
Tiggly Shapes includes 4 shape manipulatives (circle, square, triangle, and star) that work with these apps:

Tiggly Math includes 5 interactive colorful counting rods (one through five) that work with these apps:

Tiggly Words includes 5 interactive vowel manipulatives (q, e, i, o, and u) that work with these apps:

Tiggly currently has a buy one, give one program if you purchase the manipulatives from their website ( Purchase a set for yourself, then give one to a favorite teacher! Learn more about the buy one, give one program:


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