Thursday, September 17, 2015

2015-16 iAchieve Flip Learning Ready to Launch

The 2015-2016 school year is up and running and our iAchieve Flip Learning with 1:1 iPads project and teachers are ready to move ahead also.

One of the things we do at the beginning of the school year is to hold parent meetings for each of our 1:1 iPad classrooms where parents are informed about flip learning and sign an agreement. This has become an essential component before students take their iPads home. It also helps to develop a stronger home to school connection as well as making parents part of the learning.

While we have heard many other schools report rather high incidences of damage and loss, ours has
been quite minimal. We attribute much of that to these parent meetings. Not only do the parents sign the agreement, but students do too - and we encourage students to attend the meeting with their parents.

Each teacher customizes the presentation to meet the needs of their school, classroom, and students.

They cover the project requirements for taking the iPads home and the care and use of the iPad. Information is shared about the videos and assignments students will do at home as part of flipped learning as well as in-class application activities. Teachers and students often demonstrate projects and other activities.

These meetings provide parents opportunities to ask questions about the project and use of the iPads for learning. iAchieve project staff are also there to help clarify and support.

While not every parent is able to attend the initial meeting, project teachers often schedule additional group or one-on-one meetings with parents.

These parent meetings have really proved to be an effective way to start off the school year for the iAchieve Project!

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