Sunday, August 16, 2015

Explain Everything 3.0 Has Arrived!

We have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Explain Everything 3.0! And it has arrived! This version of our favorite app has several new features, including a new flattened look, an equation editor, and the ability to engage a simpler interface for younger students.

iAchieve now has several 1:1 iPad classrooms in the early grades - K-2. This new simple interface is going to be great for them, especially at the beginning of the year. To turn on the Simple Interface, select the gear icon in the top right of the home page, choose General, and move the slider. The simplified toolbars will be a great option for our little ones.


The new equation editor is going to be a fabulous resource for our math teachers. To access the Equation Editor, choose the plus sign (+) on the left toolbar. The equation builder keyboard opens with a wide array of math symbols to create math equations and even generate graphs.


The new "flattened" look also provides some simplification to the tools. Now there is only one button for exporting projects with a wide variety of places to export to - and a very colorful screen!

Can't wait to do more creating with Explain Everything 3.0! 

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