Monday, April 6, 2015

Organizing Centers in the 1:1 iPad Classroom

One of my favorite things is to observe in our 1:1 iPad/Flipped Learning Classrooms. It's always so interesting to see the varying ways each teacher organizes and manages their classrooms as well as how they instruction and apply learning.

On a recent visit in a 4th grade 1:1 iPad classroom where they were working on converting fractions into decimals. I saw some very effective and well organized math centers! It was obvious that the teacher has spent a lot of time helping students learn how to move through their centers and even reviewed the procedures prior to starting.

The centers were a combination of using iPads and completing learning application activities using paper and pencil. Each center utilized a QR Code to provide students with instructions for completing the center activity. There were 7 rotations each lasting 7 minutes. The teacher used a timer and gave them a minimal amount of time to clean up and move to the next group. Smooth as clockwork!

And each small group was able to meet with the teacher as one of the rotations. The teacher provided differentiated instruction to meet the needs of each group.

Pretty exciting to watch!!

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