Thursday, March 5, 2015

Getting Creative with Explain Everything

I have posted before that Explain Everything is one of our favorite apps. It is just so versatile and creative. Students and teachers are using it a lot to explain concepts, create flip learning video lessons, take notes, and so much more.

But sometimes we just need to come across a couple of new and refreshing ideas for using an app!

So here are a couple of nice blogs posts with ideas.

iPaddiction posted about a teacher that created her own audio recordings of To Kill a Mockingbird. She recorded the book by chapter so that her students would all be able to access the text. So she found the book in pdf format and imported the document into EE and then recorded herself reading with proper pacing and expression.

Think back to those VH-1 Pop-Up videos from the 1990's. Greg Kulowiec posted about using EE to create similar pop-up videos. His post outlines the process but he also has a great video tutorial. Thanks Greg!

Check out these ideas and see if something would work for your classroom!


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