Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Apple Site Visit

The iAchieve Project is an Apple Distinguished Program. As part of that designation we host site visits. Apple advertises and supports the visit but we do the hosting and presenting. During the site visit, attendees from other schools and districts come to hear and see how we are integrating Apple products to impact learning.

Last Thursday, November 13th, was out fall visit. We chose one of our schools that has 7 flipped learning classrooms supported by 1:1 iPads. There were about 20 attendees along with 4 representatives from Apple. We shared information about iAchieve: how it all started, how we use the iPods for learning, iPad Media Kits being used by teachers, and our 1:1 iPad flipped learning classrooms.

The highlight of the day is visiting classrooms. The teachers and students did a great job and everyone was excited and impressed.

Fifth grade was beginning their study space. One group had brainstormed questions they had about space and were researching the different topics. When they had completed their research, they began creating presentations about their findings.

Another group was working on a study of the planets. They too researched their chosen planet and then began making presentations on the iPads. Most of them were using our favorite app - Explain Everything.

As we entered fourth grade, we were greeted by a welcome poster with QR Codes. Students had used the Croak.it! app to record messages for their guests about their class and what they were studying. Here are some of the Croak.its. Just click on the link to listen.

The fourth grade teachers had sent home a flipped learning video the previous night and our visitors were able to observe the interactive and differentiated activities going on in those classrooms the next day.

After the classrooms visits we returned to the Multipurpose Room to debrief. During that time several students and teachers also joined us for a time of questions and comments.

The visit was quite successful. We were able to share our successes and inspire other to follow.

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