Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Technology Coach by Any Other Name...

When the iAchieve Project first began 5 years ago (where has the time gone!), I spent my days visiting our iPod touch classrooms working with teachers and students integrating the iPods into teaching and learning. I was helping teachers plan lessons and activities, co-taught iPod integrated lessons, and assisted teachers with locating new apps and syncing the iPods.

When I would enter a classroom there was a feeling of excitement in the air along with whispers about what was going to happen that day - I wonder what we are going to do today on the iPods? Are we going to get a new app?

Pretty soon when I entered the room there were whispers of
"The iPod Lady is here; the iPod Lady is here!" That label stuck in classrooms and by students across the district - wherever I would go.

A couple of years later we started integrating iPads. Same thing happened. I would enter a room to students clamoring a new title - "The iPad Lady is here; the iPad Lady is here!"

One day recently I was leaving one of our campuses and saw a student and his mom. He pointed me out to his mom and said "Hi!" His mom asked who I was - the response "She's the App Lady!"

Another name that I am proud to wear!!

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