Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Chicktionary App

Chicktionary is one of the apps that has been part of the iAchieve app list right from the beginning - that's 5 years now! We first used it with our iPod touches and now also include it on all of the iPads for both students and teachers.

While it's classified as a game, it is a great learning tool. It's an engaging word work resource where students think about letter combinations and practice spelling skills.

Previously there were separate apps for iPhone and iPad but now it is a universal app. They have really updated the user interface and it looks very modern and up to date. But the students still love it and are practicing those skills.

Several of our teachers have created their own accountability worksheets for Chicktionary where 

students keep a list of the words they have created and then use them in a sentence. Many of our teachers are using a Chicktionary recording sheet created by Laura Moore. It's a fun sheet with eggs where students record the words they have created.

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