Sunday, September 7, 2014

Parent Meetings

At the beginning of the school year our iPad Flipped Learning teachers hold parent meetings. These meeting are to inform parents about flipped learning and the requirements for students taking the iPads home. They are a great way to begin the parent - student - teacher relationships for the school year. Teachers are required to have each student's parent or guardian attend a meeting and sign an agreement.

It is difficult to get 100% attendance at a meeting so the teachers often schedule two meetings or meet individually with parents when they can attend.

Parents are always very receptive to the information and opportunity for their child to use an iPad to support their learning. We get lots of questions but even reluctant parents tend to change their minds when they hear and see how the iPads and flipped learning can impact their child's learning.

In addition to the parents and students, principals are invited to the meetings. Having them speak and show their support is invaluable.

Some teachers hold their parent meetings with just their own students and parents while others choose to hold group meetings, especially when there is more than one teacher at a grade level using iPads to support flipped learning. 

We appreciate the hard work and dedication of all the iAchieve teachers!

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