Thursday, March 14, 2013

Holt Interactive Graphic Organizers

Check out these online graphic organizers from Holt:

Holt Interactive Graphic Organizers

The site has over 30 graphic organizers for a variety of tasks. Each graphic organizer is interactive and can be downloaded onto a computer with Adobe Reader and be filled out right on the computer. There are also Teaching Notes available with tips and lesson ideas for each organizer

What we really appreciate is that they also work on the iPads! Using the "Open In" feature in an IOS web browser such as Safari or Chrome, you can import the graphic organizer into the Adobe Reader app and easily fill in the fields.

Students can then take a screenshot of the completed graphic organizer to share with their teacher or import into another iPad project.


  1. Awesome resource! I've thought about creating my own fillable PDF graphic organizers, but now there's no need because they already down for me!

    I do wish there was free software to easily create PDF forms. But I've only found paid (and somewhat expensive software). Any suggestions, Suzanne?

  2. Thanks Tony! It's always great to find quality resources and even better when they work well on the iPad.

    I have played around with a couple of applications that have free versions but they usually put a watermark on the document. My husband, a realtor, uses an app called Type on PDF to create fillable PDFs of some real estate forms. You can save the documents as a template that you could reuse. There is a free version as well as paid. Here is a video tutorial: