Friday, September 26, 2014

More New iPods

A lot of people seem to view the iPod touches as old technology but here in Creighton School District we still love these tools. And our teachers always find great ways to use them to support learning in the classroom, especially during reading and math learning centers.

Last year we had an opportunity to deploy some new Gen 5 iPod touches to several of our classrooms. Do to some unforeseen circumstances we had to hold off one of our the iPod touch carts until this school year.

We were very excited to get this cart of iPod touches prepped and deployed to one of our new third grade teachers for this year. She is very excited and ready to move forward.

We are usually pretty conservative in our choice of iPod touch cases but in this "case" went a little wild. These cases were ordered from Amazon and came in bundles of 10 that included 5 different colors. I just love the variety!

And the circle pattern. They have just the right amount of translucency for our numbers to show through on the back.

Makes me want one for my iPod touch too!!

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