Monday, August 4, 2014

Ready for the 2014-15 School Year

Students are arriving in their new school uniforms carrying backpacks filled with school supplies. Teachers have artfully decorated their classrooms and are ready to welcome students for the first day. And our iAchieve teachers are ready to move forward with technology integration in their classrooms.

This summer we provided technology PD to our 26 1:1 iPad Flip Learning teachers, along other
groups using iPad Media Kits (a teacher iPad, Apple TV, and HDMI projector) and 1:1 iPod touches. The Flip Learning teachers spent four days together learning about flip learning, creating flip lesson videos, planning flip lessons, setting up student iPads, and practicing using a variety of apps. Our group was made up of 13 new flip learning teachers and 13 continuing flip learning teachers. The continuing teachers took the lead on much of the PD. iPad Media Kit teachers learn about using the iPad and Apple TV as an instructional tool in the classroom as an alternative to an interactive whiteboard. iPod touch teachers focused on some different ways to manage using iPods during literacy centers, shared different ways the iPod are effective for their students, and identified specific needs to help them better utilize the iPod touches.

One Day 1 of Flip Learning PD, teachers delved deeper into the meaning of flip learning. They explored definitions from different perspectives and researched the 4 Pillars of Flip Learning. Working in small groups, each group researched 1 Pillar, created a teaching poster, and presented that Pillar to the other groups. The 4 Pillars are: Flexible Environment, Learning Culture, Intentional Content, and Professional Educators. Visit Flip Learning Network to learn more.

On Day 1 we had the new teachers rate how they were feeling about flip learning, using iPads, creating videos, lesson planning, and holding parent meetings. They rate themselves each day as we progress through the professional learning. 
Day 1
Day 4

On "Technology Day" everyone get to set up the student iPads and really get to know their carts. this year we have some really cool cases with an embossed logo!

The continuing teachers led new flip learning teachers through the process of creating flip lesson videos. We conducted video creation stations where the teachers were introduced to a variety of ways to create their videos including screen casting, using apps such as Explain Everything, and using the iPad camera. The continuing teachers also had opportunities to check out ways they had not used before to refine their skills.

iPad Media Kit teachers are very excited about using these tools in their classrooms!

I am excited to see how our teachers impact student learning through the integration of mobile devices!

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