Sunday, February 9, 2014

iPad Virtual Field Trip

We don't have snow days here in Phoenix but we do get rain - occasionally. The rain is something we usually look forward to - unless you are a kindergartener getting ready to go on a field trip. Then it can be a very sad day. That is until a super teacher with 1:1 iPads comes to the rescue!

Recently the kindergarten classes at one of our schools had planned a trip to the Phoenix Zoo but it rained and the field trip had to be cancelled. There were some very disappointed kindergarteners!

The students in one of our 1:1 iPad classes had been working on animal research and developing presentations on their iPads. Their very innovative and creative teacher decided to put together a virtual field trip to the zoo with his students as the zookeepers and animal experts.

The third grade students lined up along the walls outside their classroom with their iPads. They showed their visual presentations and shared interesting facts about the animals they had been studying while the kindergarten classes filed past each one of the them. The students were excited, the chaperones were excited, and the teachers were excited!

 It may not have been an actual trip to the zoo but it was an experience both the kindergarten students and third grade students will not forget.


  1. What app did they use to create their show?

    1. Most of the students were using the Explain Everything app.