Monday, February 10, 2014

If You Give a P.E. Teacher an iPad...

What happens when you give an iPad to a PE teacher? We just issued an iPad to our first PE teacher and weren't sure how he was going to use it since he's not inside a classroom during instruction and would not be getting an Apple TV. Well, that question is quickly being answered!

The first time I saw him after our training session, he was anxious to share with me how he is using Class Dojo. He has set up all of his PE classes in Class Dojo and created his own Behaviors. He is using Class Dojo as a way to collect assessment data on the students so his Behaviors deal with specific PE skills. For example, some of the classes have been doing Basketball in PE so his Behaviors have to do with skills such as dribbling and passing. Pretty clever!

 He is also researching some playbook apps but until we find something that will meet his needs, he is experimenting with using Explain Everything. He has put in pictures of specific courts and fields and added names/positions. The next step will be to try animating the plays!

Can't wait to see how that works!

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