Saturday, June 8, 2013

Apple Site Visits

One of the commitments for being selected as an Apple Distinguished Program is to host 3 Apple Site Visits during the year. The visits are sponsored by Apple but the design of the visit and presentation is done by the school or district. Attendees come to learn about your program and hopefully be inspired to add to or start their own technology integrated programs.

We have completed two of our visits for this year - one in March and one in May. At both of these visits, attendees observed in some of our mobile device enhanced classrooms. They saw students using iPod touches during centers, teachers utilizing their iPad Media Kits (iPad, Apple TV, and HD projector) to enhance instruction and learning, and observed how iPads are used to facilitate the flipped classroom model.

March 19: Our group of attendees was only about 10 but we made some great connections with them!
Explaining and modeling the flipped classroom
iPad Media Kit Lesson
Kinders using their iPod touches with the Melvin's Marvelous Words app
Student and Teacher panel
Sharing about the iAchieve Programs

May 15: There were 30+ attendees at the May session representing several different districts and even attendees from ASU's College of Education! One of the districts from the March visit registered 10 people for the May presentation.
Students explaining the flipped model and how they use iPads to enhance learning

Student panel of 1st and 4th graders answering questions from the audience

Great group of educators to share our program development and implementation with!

Our third Apple Site Visit is scheduled for Wednesday, May 19th. The focus of the visit will be on our technology infrastructure to support mobile devices and ongoing professional development to support iAchieve teachers.

Click here to register for the event.

Hope you can join us!!

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