Thursday, June 13, 2013

8th Grade WWII Projects

One of the 8th grade units is an interdisciplinary study of WWII in both social studies and English Language Arts (Reading). The students learn from both a historical aspect and a literary aspect through the books and videos they read and view. This interdisciplinary study lends itself well to the creation of student projects.

This year's projects were developed around the  theme of tolerance with a focus on the Holocaust. Students researched a variety of people and events that impacted WWII and the Holocaust. Students created their presentation using the Explain Everything interactive whiteboard app. They were able to add images, text, and video clips to the presentations. After narrating each slide they were able to save the projects as a video. Each group presented their research project to the class.

Project on the Simon Wiesenthal and the Simon Wiesenthal Center :

Student WWII Presentation from Suzanne Sallee on Vimeo.

The students followed a rubric in the creation of the projects:

During presentations, students did a peer review of each presentation:

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