Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Students Taking Social Studies to the Next Level

In 8th grade social studies, students study 20th Century United States History, including World War II. As part of an assignment, students were asked to write a letter to a relative from the perspective of an internee at a Japanese American internment camp during WWII.

One student took the assignment above and beyond the requirements. She used Google Translate to translate her letter into Japanese. Here is the text of her letter in both English and Japanese:

The letter in English:

Dear Lee,

There was news about us Japanese people being relocated. At first I
didn't believe the news, but sadly it is all too true. Once I arrived, it looked
hideous. It was just so unbelievable how terrible this place looked! Let me
tell you, there was no heat, running water, or air conditioning. It is a huge
disgrace they are doing this, epically since we are citizens!
I have been considering joining the army, but my mind is mad up. I will
not fight for this despicable place! These people who put me here are
nothing but inconsiderate jerks. This is one of the most racist things I have
ever witnessed with my own eyes! Although I was sad, I had to keep my
attitude up for my siblings . I just really wish that this would all end.
I'll be home soon hopefully, keep your head up.


The letter in Japanese:

 She really got into the spirit of the assignment!

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