Thursday, April 4, 2013

Organized Teachers

It always amazes me at how organization and creativity our iAchieve teachers. They are always looking at different ways to manage and keep track of the iPod touches. Here are a couple of examples:

Some of the teachers use little baskets to organize the iPod touches and their storage boxes. The baskets are numbered by table and list the iPod touch numbers for each table. They have the table leaders for each group quickly and efficiently get the iPods and then put them away when they are done for the day. It's also a good way to store them at the table when they are not being used.


In this classroom the teacher has created iPod touch docking stations for each table. She used "fun foam" and cut out rectangles that could accommodate 4 iPod touches for each table group. Using a permanent marker, she sectioned off the rectangle and has numbered each section for students to "dock" their iPods when not being used. The teacher can easily see who has followed instructions!

iPod Docking Station

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