Thursday, April 11, 2013

5 Dice: Order of Operations App

The 5 Dice: Order of Operations app is becoming a favorite with many of our math teachers and students. The game requires student to use higher order thinking skills as they work backward to create an equation whose solution equals the target number they have been given. Students must use all 5 numbers from the rolled dice and the given operators to create their "order of operations" equation.

The app is appropriate for both upper elementary and middle school students and can address different skill levels. Students can use order of operations that involved simple addition and subtraction or more complex equations involving multiplication, division, and parentheses. There is a whiteboard feature that lets users test out potential calculations to hit the target number.

The app also has a built in reporting feature where you can view a student's scores and also email a report to either the teacher or a parent. You can see how a student is doing as well as how much time they spend playing and practicing.

5 Dice: Order of Operations can be played individually, with two players, or even whole class.

Here's how it works in Single Player mode:

 When the app first opens you are prompted to create a new player or select a player from a previous session. From this homescreen you can also Change Players, view Instructions for playing, and view players scores.

Select the Player for the game and choose Play.

Choose which operators that will be used to create the equation and hit the target number. You can start with simple addition and subtraction or do more challenging operations.

Now roll the 5 Dice that will be used to create your equation. Just tap on the cup and the dice will roll.

Now you see the numbers on your 5 Dice, the operators, and your Target Number. You must use all of the dice and all of the operators to create an equation whose answer is the Target Number. You can only use each dice once but operators multiple times. You can put several dice together to create multi-digit numbers.

Tap the pencil in the lower left corner to view the built-in whiteboard to work thought different potential calculations. Your 5 Dice and Target Number are shown at the top of the screen to help you out. You can erase or clear the entire screen with the tools at the bottom. When you are done, click the X in the top right to go back.

Move the dice and operators down onto the grid to create your equation. If you want to start over, you can move them back to the top. Your equation is also being built below the grid. When you think you have the correct equation, tap Shoot to see if you have reached that Target Number.

This screen shows the solution to the equation you have built. If you have it correct, you get a "Nice Shot!" or it will tell you to go back and try again. Select "New Target" to go again.

Teachers and parents can have a score report emailed to them.

Students are excited to mirror their iPads and share their solutions with each other. And teachers can mirror their iPads to play the game as a class.

Here is a short video from the developer, Justin Halladay of MathFileFolderGames:

Enjoy using 5 Dice: Order of Operations!

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