Wednesday, January 9, 2013


logo    One of our new favorite tools is ScootPad ( ScootPad is a common core standards aligned tool for practicing and mastering math and reading skills. ScootPad provides self-paced personalized practice for each student - and all for free!

Teachers create a free account and then add their students. Each student has a customized log-in to access the program. Teachers have access to customized reports for their classroom and students. Teachers also receive a ScootPad Weekly Digest report via email. This report highlights each students accomplishments along with highlights and updates about the program.

The ScootPad website works well on the iPads but they also have a free app. The app makes it really easy for students to access their accounts and complete their practice activities. Teachers can also access their ScootPad Teacher Dashboard through the app to manage their account. There is a ScratchPad embedded in the iPad app for doing math calculations.

One of the things I like best about ScootPad is the questions. They are not all multiple choice! Students have to actually type in their answers for many of the questions - and they check for correct punctuation and spelling.

ScootPad is also creating strong home/school connections. There are a lot of resources for parents. They can even log-in and monitor their child's progress. ScootPad generates customized letters teachers can send home with information for parents to sign up and see what their child has been doing.

Thanks ScootPad for creating such a great tool for us to use!

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