Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Challenge Based Learning and Project iAchieve

We had a really great PLC with our Flipped Classroom team today. We are half way through the year and have begun thinking about learning projects for fourth quarter after state testing is completed.

Last November I attended a conference session led by Mark Nichols of Apple on Challenge Based Learning. Challenge Based Learning, or CBL, is an engaging approach to learning that guides students through solving real world problems developed by Apple. It is collaborative, hands on, and very student driven.

We invited Mark to join us at our PLC today to introduce our teachers to the process, which includes identifying an overarching big idea, developing essential questions to narrow the thought, and then coming up with a challenge to be completed. Then utilizing guiding questions and guided activities and resources, students work thorough the problem to come up with solutions. Finally you implement the solutions, evaluate the outcomes, and  reflect on their process and learning. The process is outlines on Apple's CBL page:

Here is an example of the CBL framework for a project:

The teachers were truly engaged and excited about finding ways to implement projects. One teacher's responded: "I found it both empowering for the students and for me as a teacher, as well as thought provoking and door opening. I see that my project I have assigned for this quarter falls short of true inquiry learning and my head is swimming with ways to improve it for next year." She is ready to be a "guinea pig" for piloting a project and welcomes input that will grow her students and her.

For more information about Challenge Based Learning visit:

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