Thursday, December 13, 2012

Student Interactives Apps

ReadWriteThink ( has a wide variety of student interactives. These are interactive activities that can be completed on a computer, such as Bio Cube, Trading Card Generator, and Word Mover.

Now there are two iPad apps designed after these interactives: Trading Card and Word Mover.

 The Trading Card app can be used to create trading cards for both fictional and real persons, fictional and real places, objects, events, and vocabulary. Each section of a card has guiding questions to guide you through creating an appropriate card. The cards can be customized with relevant pictures and shared through email.

Word mover lets users create 'found poetry' by using word banks or words from existing works of poetry. There are six different poem categories and 12 backgrounds for customizing your poems. Poems can be saved to the Photos app or sent through email.

Looks like a couple of very versatile apps for critical thinking and creativity.

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