Monday, December 17, 2012

Letter Confusion Remedy

This post really has nothing to do with iPod touches or iPads but I was just so excited to learn about this and wanted to share.

A lot of students get the letters "b" and "d" confused - along with some others. While visiting one of our iPod touch classrooms last Thursday, the teacher has this graphic taped to the top of several student desks. Such a simple idea that kids can easily remember - and they only need their hands.

I just thought it was a very clever idea. The teacher also shared that these students seem to get "p" and "g" confused as well and was hoping to find something similar to support her students in figuring out these two confusing letters.

Well, it seems that the clever person that created this "make your bed" collage also has one for the "p" and "g".

It is called the "pig under the bed" collage!  You can find both of these here:

Thanks Come Together Kids!

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