Thursday, December 20, 2012

Haiku Deck Presentations

Haiku Deck ( ) is a really simple, free to use app for creating beautiful presentations right on your iPad. We have had several students and teachers using the app to show their learning and understanding of a topic.

This presentation tool has a variety of slide layouts and fonts - just like PowerPoint. We think the best feature is how it finds just the right picture for each slide. Type in a word to search by and Haiku Deck searches a database of Creative Commons Licensed photos to put into your deck. A great way to help students learn about and understand digital citizenship and following copyright.

In one classroom the students were learning about how a bill becomes a law. They used Haiku Deck to create their presentations and then mirrored their iPad through the Apple TV to present to the class.

Creating a Haiku Deck presentation slide
Completed slide
Completed Slide
Student mirroring their iPad via Apple TV to share their presentation

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