Friday, October 26, 2012

Going Strong with Oral Reading Fluency

During the past three years of our iAchieve Project, our primary focus for the iPod touches has been student creation of oral reading fluency recordings to positively impact student reading comprehension.

Data shows that it has provided that positive impact for our students but we don't really need data - it's actually shown through the comments and expressions on the student's faces.

I attended an after school district meeting on Wednesday with the third grade teachers. The comments were so positive. Teachers were talking about how engaged their students are and that they are using them for practicing their usual reading passages but the students are requesting to record themselves reading their science and social students texts! What a great connection especially with the Common Core focus on informational text.

Instead of students asking for "free time" when they finish early; they are asking if they can create a fluency recordings on their iPods!!

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