Thursday, June 21, 2012

Presenting at the SEATA Conference

A couple of weeks ago, Robyn and I did a presentation at the Southeastern Arizona Teacher Academy (SEATA) in Thatcher, AZ. This is an annual conference/academy held by the Graham and Greenlee Educational Service Agencies to provide professional development to interested teachers.

We were invited to present specifically on using iPods and iPads to enhance reading fluency and comprehension. That is one of our specialties!

In order to make our presentation interactive, we took a set of iPods loaded with many of the apps we use for reading including Voice Memos and K12 Timed Reading. Some of the attendees had never used iPods or iPads before and were truly mesmerized by them.

We shared information about Project iAchieve and showed some video of students using the iPods. And then the fun began! Using the same type of lesson format we do with students, attendees learned how to create an oral reading fluency recording on the iPods using Voice Memos. After recording they listened to themselves. The rubric we use with students was given to them and we listened to our recordings again and scored them using the rubric. It was such a great experience both for them and for us. Such an enthusiastic audience!

Last week we received an email from one of the county superintendents with feedback from the attendees. So complimentary! Here are a few of the comments:

  • Great workshop!  A wealth of information – so much to do on an iPod. I enjoyed it very much!
  • Fluency, fluency, fluency!  Fun ways/tools to promote fluency!
  • Students can record their own fluency readings. They are excited about reading.
  • Wow! These ladies were great.  They certainly know their stuff.  Lots of apps and shared their website.  I’m excited to apply the things they shared.
  • I am going to purchase an iPod or iPad for my personal use.
  • Awesome! I want a set of iPods for my room
  • Talk about awesome! This workshop was just amazing.  These two ladies were quite a team.  I was a 1st timer today using this technology.  I am hooked!
  • Awesome ladies – wonderful resource
  • Reading fluency apps – using to improve writing (have students read their own writing) 
  • Wonderful! Amazing! Just the best! Bring them back! 
Great people to work with! Hope they invite us back again next year!

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