Friday, June 22, 2012

The Digital Learning Farm

Alan November is an international leader who promotes improving teaching and learning and is a strong supporter of education technology. He has written several books (some of my favorites!) and presents and lectures at conferences across the country.

A couple of years ago he came up with the concept of the Digital Learning Farm. He talks about a time when farming was an essential part of the American landscape and students contributed to the growth and success of the family farms. They had very specific jobs and were essential to the survival of their family. As society became industrialized, the work of children turned to schoolwork and they played a more passive role in society.

Mr. November feels that as our society becomes more and more globalized it is imperative that students once again become strong contributors, especially within their learning communities.

He promotes utilizing six jobs in the learning community that can accomplish this:
·      Tutorial Designers
·      Official Scribes
·      Researchers
·      Collaboration Coordinators
·      Contributing to Society
·      Curriculum Reviewers

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How does this relate to Project iAchieve and using iPods and iPads in the classroom?

On her Langwitches Blog, Silvia Tolisano has put together a chart connecting the different Digital Learning Farm student roles to iPad and iPhone apps. This chart blends nicely with the different charts that align apps with Blooms Taxonomy.

Silvia's chart and an infographic about the Digital Learning Farm student roles can be viewed here.

Alan November will be presenting about the Digital Learning Farm next Monday at the ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) Conference. I am anxious to learn more about these Digital Learning Farm roles and how we can integrate them into the iAchieve project classrooms.

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