Friday, May 4, 2012

Moving Along with Our Flipped Classroom

Well, things are  progressing with our 7th grade math flipped classroom pilot as we test the waters for next years full implementation. The iPads have gone home all this week and have been returned each daily ready for use in class.

The math teacher and I have been co-teaching all this week doing some math instruction but also introducing and modeling good use of the iPad and apps.  We set up the student's Gaggle email accounts and are finding this a good way  for the teacher and students to communicate.

Yesterday we introduced PaperPort Notes. We emailed a short student survey to the students and had them "Open In" PaperPort Notes. They learned how to use the pencil tool to write, inserting a text box to type, and we even practiced with the "Tap to Speak" tool using the voice to text capabilities.

Today everyone practice creating their own notes in PaperPort Notes. We inserted the different types of paper and used the various annotation tools. The students even used the camera to take a picture of something in the classroom with a right angel and annotated on the pictures - right in PaperPort. The students then emailed their annotations to the teacher.

They are learning about the Pythagorean Theorem and we will continue with right angles and right triangles next week using the Skitch app to do our annotations. Trying to decide if we want to use the camera or show them how to get an image from the web - Creative Commons Licensedof course!

The students are excited about taking charge of their own learning, the teacher is excited about his opportunities to really be able to interact individually with each of his students, and I am excited to help support them in this new learning adventure!

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