Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mobile Learning Experience 2012

On Wednesday, April 11, the second annual Mobile Learning Experience Conference began. Three hundred educational technologists gathered at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Phoenix to learn from and with each other and share ideas, resources, and tips on integrating mobile technologies into the classroom.

The conference has over 70 break out sessions where attendees can choose topics that appeal to them and their interests. We have learned about new apps and shared our favorites with each other, as well as sharing lesson ideas with other attendees. We have discussed the joys and trials of implementing hundreds of mobile devices.

We have had great keynote speakers each day. On Wednesday evening, the keynote  speaker was Jaime Casap from Google. He talked about the importance of education and how it is “the most powerful weapon that can change the world” and the importance of integrating technology into education. On Thursday, Eric Marcos of along with two former students shared their project of student created math video tutorials and the power of student centered learning. I can’t wait to see our flipped classroom students creating videos to share with each other and publish for others to access.

We were pretty excited to see the QR code poster for our iAchieve website posted in the hallway:

There is still one day to go and I am excited to continue my learning and take some great ideas back to share with our teachers!

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