Sunday, March 4, 2012

AzTEA EdCamp Unconference

Last Friday I attended AzTEA's Ed Camp Unconference. So what is an unconference you ask? It is a participant driven conference with a specific theme or purpose - our was education technology, of course. The topics of the conference are determined and facilitated by the participants. Topics for this conference were generated ahead of time by the participants using online stickies with Lino It ( The day of the unconference we voted on the topics we would most like to discuss and an agenda for the day was created. The structure was pretty informal with each session being facilitated by another attendee and participants were always encouraged to add to the discussion topics and share ideas and resources.

It was interesting and informative and I did come away with some really great new resource ideas and coaching tips to share. Probably the best part was being able to reconnect with other educational technology specialists and coaches and hear all of the exciting things that are happening in their schools and district.

The format was unique and I wasn't sure at first if I was going to like it but would definitely do this again. Thanks AzTEA!

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