Monday, February 27, 2012

iPods, Balanced Math, Skip Counting, and DoodleBuddy

During one of the recent Balanced Math trainings in the district, there was an interesting discussion about math fluency and students skip counting and seeing patterns. There is a great way to use the iPods to do this using DoodleBuddy and a hundred chart located in the Photo app.
In Photos on the iPod, you will find an album entitled "Math" which contains a Hundred Chart (Board) image. After opening DoodleBuddy, select the icon on the toolbar that looks like 2 pictures. Tap on Photos at the top and scroll until you locate the Math album. Tap to open the album then tap the Hundred Chart to insert into DoodleBuddy. You can now use the drawing tools to mark the hundred chart. Students can save their skip counting by tapping the wrench icon and selecting "Save to Photo Album."
Here is the Hundred Chart image by itself:


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