Monday, January 16, 2012

How Many Ways Can You Use "Mail" on an iPod?

So, how many ways can you use the Mail app on the iPods? Our iAchieve teachers and students have been very creative lately with using this resource. Here are some great examples:

1. Spelling Tests
One teacher has been having students take their spelling tests using the Notes app and then emailing the completed test to her - completely paperless. The teacher doesn't have to carry papers home to grade over the weekend! She can just access on her laptop and grade each quiz. I did mention this in an earlier post, but here is an example.

2. Math Tests
Some students are taking their multiple choice math tests using Notes and Mail.

3. Goal Setting
For the 3rd quarter of the school year, students are setting goals for the rest of the year. Again the using the very flexible Notes app and emailing their goal to the teacher.

4. Board Work
Upon return from winter break, our newly re-built school re-opened. For board work one morning, the teacher had students reflect upon the new school and write about their thoughts.

5. Poetry
While studying planets in science, students created planet Haiku poems on the iPods and emailed them to the teacher.

6. Graphing
Many teachers are having students graph the results of their weekly common formative assessments. The Easy Chart app on the iPod lets students create digital graphs that can be emailed directly to the teacher via Mail.


7. Apps
In addition to the Easy Chart app, many other apps allows users to send their work through email. Here is an example of a student using the MadLibs app to practice parts of speech and email her story to the teacher.

How would you use student email with the iPods?

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