Thursday, November 17, 2011

iPods/iPads, Email, and Students

This week I began working with a group of students to add their email accounts to their iPods. This will be a great way for the students to share their assignments and projects with their teachers.

Over the weekend I came across this blog post by Terice Schneider entitled "What I Wish I'd Done Before Deploying iPads to 735 Middle Schoolers". She relayed a series of events they had encountered as these middle school students began sending emails - lots and lots of emails. So now they are taking a step back and training the students on proper email etiquette. I really appreciated her list of "topics we plan to cover".

This got me thinking about how we tend to take email for granted in today's global world but our students really don't have the skills and knowledge of how to communicate properly using this medium.

Terice may have been talking about middle school students, but this definitely applies to any students - and even some adults. Thanks, Terice!

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  1. This is great info! Email etiquette is so important today, and what a great way for your students to learn it- from you! Thanks for your great work, if we can help in any way please let me know :D Jenn