Tuesday, November 8, 2011

iPods and Reading Fluency

A big focus of our iAchieve iPod project has been to increase reading proficiency. Having students create oral reading fluency recordings using Voice Memos on their iPods is an engaging and motivating way to help develop strong readers.

We have several new teachers in our project classrooms this year and I have been working on getting both the teachers and their students trained to complete fluency recordings. I spent time in several classrooms last week doing this. It motivating for me to see and hear the student's excitement about learning this process!

As soon as I enter a room the waves and whispers that the " iPod Lady" is here begin. After our learning session I get hugs, high fives, thank yous, and even stickers from the students.

I returned to one classroom at the end of the day and the teacher shared that the excitement continued throughout the day. Whenever the students had completed an assignment, they instantly got out their iPods and began recording themselves reading. This is going to be fun!

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