Wednesday, November 30, 2011 Email on the iPods

Over the past couple of weeks I have been helping a couple of our iAchieve iPod project teachers and their students set up email on the iPods. The teachers are excited about using this so that students can email projects to them directly from their iPods. And it will be a nice way for them to all communicate.

I think the students learned a lot about email from the process - and they are certainly familiar with their email addresses as they had to type them in multiple times during the set up! We also had an opportunity to talk about email etiquette as they sent their first messages to the teacher.

One of the teachers contacted me today to let me know that the students were able to email links to their StoryKit books. Here is an example of one of the books:

Pretty awesome. I am anxious to hear about other ways the students and teachers find to use iPod email!


  1. is it possible to set up free email accounts on an ipad? I have not been able to do so successfully. Our school only has free accounts set up, not paid subscriptions. Do you know details about this?

  2. Gaggle's free email accounts do not have pop/imap enabled, so you cannot use them on iPad or other mobile devices. You have to have the subscription accounts to do that.