Thursday, October 6, 2011

So Sad to Say Good-bye

The world has been abuzz with the news of the death of Steve Jobs yesterday. Many of us feel a sadness and heavy heart for a man that brought so much creativity and innovation to the world. Even if you are not an "Apple" person, he has touched your life with the changes he brought to computing and entertainment. I heard a quote this morning (not sure who it is from): He took the ugly world of technology and made it beautiful." Such a true statement!

Steve surely has touched the lives of my family with all of our iPods, iPhones, iPads, and laptops - both at school and at home. They bring joy to our lives and enhance our productivity. At the rehearsal dinner the night before Adam and Lindsy's wedding, we even had a Mac laptop cake. Adam's request, of course!

His impact on schools has been dramatic as we have seen with our iPod/iPad project in Creighton District. These mobile devices have allowed our students to communicate, collaborate, think critically, and create. All of those skills they need, not for the future, but for now.

Here are links to a couple of sites I found interesting:

Ten Ways to Remember Steve Jobs (Edutopia)

A Eulogy of Action (Seth Godin)

Steve Jobs: How to Live Before You Die (TED)

Steve will be missed but he will be with us each day in our pockets, purses, and computer bags!

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