Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The More You Know, The More You Know!®

The More You Know, The More You Know!® - the philosophy of BrainPOP and their educational video website. The Creighton District has had a subscription to BrainPOP for many years and it is one of our teachers favorite websites. Their short animated educational videos are perfect for introducing and reviewing concepts. The students really think of the main characters, Tim and Moby, as their friends. I have often heard comments such as "Bye, Moby" at the end of a video!

Last year we downloaded the free BrainPOP Featured Movie app to the iPods. Each day there is a featured movie that highlights a holiday, current event, or historical event for that particular day. Our teachers often use the videos as a morning warm-up to start the day or as a center activity. Students watch the video and then complete a writing exercise, such as summarizing the facts from the movie or completing a graphic organizer. It has been a great tool but a bit limited since teachers could not select the topics.

For several months I had been hearing "rumors" of a major update to the BrainPOP app. Finally on Friday, September 30, that update came through. Now since we have subscriptions to BrainPOP at each school, teachers and students can search through the app to find any BrainPOP movie, log-in with their username and password, watch the movie and take the quiz. Pretty sweet!

Note: Users without a subscription to BrainPOP, can still view the daily featured movie and search through a small selection of free movies.

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