Friday, September 2, 2011

Student iPod "Clubs"

I was working in one of our iAchieve iPod classrooms this morning teaching the students the procedures for completing reading fluency recordings using Voice Memos. They were really excited and we could hardly get them to stop recording and then listening to themselves. It is so great to see and feel the excitement and engagement of the students.

The teacher was sharing some of the things her class have been doing already, such as creating their own books in StoryKit. They are anxious to begin recording their stories in the app also.

She also shared that since is has been so hot here in Phoenix lately, they are having the students come into the classroom for lunch recess. The iPods have really saved the day! Really cute part is that the students have begun creating iPod clubs in their class and naming the clubs after iPod apps. So they have a Rocket Math Club, a Stack the States Club, and so on.

I think these students are really going to take off with the iPods this year!

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