Saturday, September 24, 2011

iPod Enthusiasts

The excitement of using the iPods is still all around us in the Creighton School District. I had a couple of encounters with teachers yesterday and their enthusiasm was very obvious.

Irving Berlin Google Search

I was walking to a classroom along with the music teacher at the school. She shared that a couple of days before she was holding her music class in one of the 3rd grade classrooms. They were learning about Irving Berlin and she had the students get their iPods and search the web for information. They could then share their information with other students. This was something new for her and she thinks having the iPods and that instant access to information is amazing. Another proponent for mobile learning in the classroom!

Voice Memos
One of our "new" 3rd grade teachers (new to 3rd but not new to teaching) has really been working on effectively integrating the iPods in her classroom and anxious to discover new ideas for using the iPods in the classroom. Yesterday, we taught her students how to do oral reading fluency recordings using the Voice Memos app. When they were finished she commented that she thinks she is going to have to stay in 3rd grade because already she can't imagine teaching without iPods!

Me thinks we are going to see lots of exciting things happening this year!

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