Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What a Great Conference!

We made it safely to the ISTE Conference in Philadelphia and back home to Phoenix! The weather was great, the conference was so informative, and we even had time to visit some of the historic sites: the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and the home of Betsy Ross. Every day as we walked from our hotel to the conference center and back we passed the historic city hall building with the statue of William Penn at the top. Very awe inspiring.

Liberty Bell

Independence Hall

City Hall

David Warlick

 We attended some great sessions about mobile learning and new technology integration tools. Even the times we stopped at the Bloggers Cafe to rest our tired feet was a great experience. You could listen in on conversations between ed tech gurus such as David Warlick and David Jakes conversing about educational technology to watching Kevin Hunnycutt leading the iPad band.
Kevin Honeycutt: "When nerds rock"

Putting it together!
Ready to roll!

The highlight for us was the poster presentation on Creighton's iAchieve: Using iPods to Enhance Learning Project. All of the time we spent prepping and putting our poster and other resources together was well spent.

 We had tons of people visit the booth and everyone was so interested. Visitors asked if we would be doing another presentation during the conference so they could hear it all again. Many of those in the audience just felt that we gave such practical information ranging from how we set up the iPods to how we used specific apps for students products and projects.

It was definitely a worthwhile trip in so many ways. Hopefully we will have the opportunity to do this again!

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