Friday, March 25, 2011

Map Skills - 21st Century vs 20th Century

I walked in to one of our Third Grade iAchieve classrooms on Wednesday right after they had completed a very intense math lesson on fractions where the teacher had included using the iPods. There was only about 10 minutes before the class went to lunch, so the teacher gave the students "free time" on their iPods. They could choose to do anything they wanted.

What did they choose? Most of them wanted to play the "Stack the States" app! A fun educational game that helps users learn facts and information about the states - identifying the state, nicknames, cities, bordering states, and so on. When you answer a question correctly, you start stacking the image of that state with others to create a tower. When the tower gets to a specific height you earn a state that gets added to a US map in the app. It's rather addictive!

The students asked the teacher to pull down their 20th Century wall map to help them answer questions.

This is an ELD (English Language Development) classroom and the students were motivated, engaged, and helping each other learn. If one student did not know how to pronounce the name of a state, another student provided some "verbal scaffolding" to help them. The excitement was contagious!

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