Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hey You Guys! A New App - Wordball

HEY YOU GUYYYYYS! We now have a new app on the iPods! PBS and Sesame Workshop have developed a learning app centered around many of the word skills children learn on the Electric Company PBS show and at school. This is an arcade game style app that helps learners build literacy skills through the manipulation of words and sounds. Students will be able to create over 300 words focusing on Silent E, Hard and Soft C, Transformer H, and more.

This word game includes 9 music videos starring the Electric Company characters and other celebrities. While watching the videos, players collect “word balls” and then use them in other levels of the games to create words. Students earn points as they play. Players must interact with the first three videos in order to unlock the subsequent videos in the game. Audio instructions are given throughout the game but you can also access written instructions by tapping “About” and selecting the “Help” menu.

The app is free until February 14 and will then cost $2.99. We are downloading it during the free time frame but it will remain active and functional for us after February 14th.

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