Monday, October 25, 2010

Do they even NEED me?

I walked into one of the iAchieve project classrooms a few days ago. The teacher ran over to me and excitedly stated that she had this great idea for using the K12 Timed Reading app. Now we’ve been using this for a while and some teachers have reported having issues with students just flicking through the reading pages and not really focusing on the reading. Then their report shows that they have
read 986 words per minute or some other ridiculous number. How do we help them focus? I developed a worksheet for students to individually record their reading information but this teacher’s idea would lead to collaboration and peer feedback. She is having students buddy read with a partner. One partner reads while the other listens. They have a worksheet to complete to rate each other on their fluency and provide peer feedback on how to do better next time. Genius!

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