Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How are you using iPods in your classroom?

After visiting many of the iAchieve classrooms, I have seen iPods being used in a variety of ways.  In one classroom, students begin their math block by practicing math facts using the ArtihmeTick app. In another classroom, they are using the K12 Timed Reading app in an innovative way by connecting the stories to a reading EPO. Even though K12 Timed Reading is a fluency app, the students used the stories to practice sequencing. They read a story and then completed an advanced organizer and/or wrote a paragraph to illustrate the sequence of the story.
So, how have you been using the iPods in your classroom? Be sure post a comment so we can all share the innovative ways we are integrating the iPods into learning.

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  1. Yesterday we discovered we could send messages to each other in some shared drawing program, then we spent lots of time in Googlemaps finding our school and house. We entered the zip code and then practiced zooming in and also overlaying street names in the satelite view. The kids ran outside to see if they could see themselves --I didn't have the heart to tell them that it was a photo from a while ago. Fun fun fun. The popup ads are annoying and tricky.