Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Introducing the iPods

School has started and we have been working hard getting all of the iPod carts delivered and the iPods set up and synced. Might not sound like much of a job, but I am talking about 630 iPods. We had most set up prior to school starting but then there were updates to many of the Apps as well as moving them to the new IOS4 software. Not a hard job - just a very long process!

But now we have classrooms ready for the rollout! Wait. Not just ready - it's actually begun. Today two of our third grade classrooms rolled out the iPods with the students. All of their students have signed and returned their iPod Student User Agreements (one of our requirements) and were ready.

The teachers did a great job of setting up procedures and expectations for their use. They reviewed the rules on their user agreements and practiced the procedures. The students were definitely ready!

After getting their iPods they reviewed vocabulary, such as Home Button, Slide, Swipe, and Tap. The students were ready. They spent time exploring some of the apps and practiced returning the iPods to the proper place in the carts.

Wonder what they will try tomorrow???

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  1. So nice to see these in use. can't wait until they start using them to learn. Thanks for the update!