Thursday, July 29, 2010

Doodling and Collaborating

I've been working on developing these "How To" guides for many of the apps we are going to be using during our iAchieve project this year. "Guiding" everyone in different ways to utilize the apps with students. I think I have done a pretty good job but during the process have also seen how we really do all need to work together as a collaborative team.

Jeff Geyer, the principal at Papago School, and I met today. We had planned on just spending a few minutes developing our fluency with using the iPods and some of the apps. During the meeting we opened up the Doodle Buddy whiteboard app. It is one that allows you to "draw" with a friend via your wifi connection.

Thought I was being pretty cool showing him how to bring up a picture of a 100 chart that had been stored in Photos and then use the drawing tools to practice skip counting. We did a little skip counting and then each sent our chart to Photos.
Then Jeff said something that I had not thought of before. The students could invite a classmate to draw with them and practice their skip counting together. Genius! But just the beginning of ways to use this tool to communicate, collaborate, and problem solve. Thanks Jeff!

Suggestions welcomed!

Download the Drawing and Whiteboard “How To” to learn other ways to use drawing and whiteboard apps!

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